Water Treatment Systems

Mi-T-M water treatment systems make compliance worries and headaches a thing of the past! Whether a customer is in need of a biological treatment system, mechanical filtration system, water/oil separator, or electro-coagulation flocculation system, Mi-T-M has it covered. This state of the art equipment effectively cleans, decontaminates, and recycles the water customers use regularly, keeping them compliant and more eco-friendly.



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Mi-T-M has designed mechanical oil/water separator systems to help businesses like engine manufacturers, military bases and anyone who needs to meet sanitary discharge requirements remove free oils from wastewater. The oil/water/solids separators reduce the amount of suspended solids while removing hydrocarbons so wastewater can be properly disposed of.

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Water Treatment Systems FAQ

We know water treatment systems. Find the answers you're looking for right here.

You can start sizing the system by asking these questions:

  • 在24小时内需要多少水来治疗?
  • 你排放到下水道或你会回收水吗?
  • 你会从废水中删除什么?

Mi‑T‑M offers several水处理系统满足您的需求。

  • 生物(BIO)治疗系列可以用作排放或闭环系统。微生物在废水中消耗成分,将它们转化为二氧化碳和水。
  • Mechanical Filtration (WLP & WCP) Seriesuses sand filtration to remove particulates down to 25 microns. A cartridge filter may be added to filter to 30 microns.
  • 水/油分离器(WOS&WCL)系列用油将油的吸油(疏油性)介质分开,将其漂浮到油撇油器将油送到滗析器的表面上,以便容易地移除。
  • Electro-Coagulation Flocculation (ECF) uses aluminum rods along with electricity. The electricity passes between the rods and contaminates in the water are charged and coagulate with the free metal ions from a sacrificial anode, thus neutralizing the contaminates in the waste stream. This system is used in applications where metal removal is needed.



这一切都取决于系统。水油分离器需要至少涉及一个泵的维护量,而机械过滤需要更多(额外的泵,介质过滤器,滑动阀,pH / ORP米和定时器)。生物处理也是一种低维护系统。标准泵维护和聚结介质清洁,除了ECF之外的所有系统中是必要的,都是必需的。

The ECF system does not require a great deal of maintenance either. The anodes are a replaceable part and pump servicing is the extent of the maintenance.


  • 臭氧是处理气味的有效方式。它是一种快速杀死活细菌。我们通过泵通过Mazzei喷射器引入我们的生物系列上的臭氧。(注意:臭氧对微生物有害,因此需要介绍它们不存在的地方,例如产品罐)。
  • Germicide is another option for odor problems. Safe 03 is a germicide used by Mi‑T‑M in our mechanical systems (WLP & WCP Series). It is injected through a peristaltic pump and the amount is based on readings obtained by an orp probe and meter.
  • BPS-120M(生物坑系统)是一种治疗气味问题的方法。通常用于现有坑,两个线性空气泵提供堤防到可以注入微生物的凹坑。通过两个蠕动泵也可以将杀菌剂注入凹坑中。


Remember, sometimes we rely on living bacteria to reclaim the water. There are many substances that will create problems or interfere with their ability to remove contamination. Acids or caustic materials shorten the systems operational life as well as kill the important microbes. In high volumes animal and vegetable derived fat, oil, and grease (cooking oil, fat poured off cooked meat, etc.) can cause problems. It can block your drains and also take the microbes a long time to "eat" this material.

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